Wednesday, 25 July 2012

LOTTE Uru Up Collagen Benefits

A new released of LOTTE Collagen Series can be now found in Malaysia.. which we directly import from Japan. (BEST Seller in ASIA Country like Japan, Korea and Taiwan)

Can be found in 2 form :
a) Can (Powder form)
b) Bottle (Juice form)

A collagen drinks where all the celebrities, models, freelancer and those who wants their skin to look its best & glowing but not only with make up but the beauty which comes from the food and drinks they consume, this is the BEST drink (collagen drink) we recommend.

Many woman age up to 20 years old are encourage to take care of their skin as their skin is ageing and lacking of collagen. with this Lotte Collagen drinks, it can help you.
See below for what can a LOTTE URU UP Collagen can do to your skin:

1. Skin – 70% of our skin tissue is built by collagen. Collagen is one of the key elements to maintain skin's firmness and smoothness especially after age of 20 when ageing started.

2. Eyes – The main component of cornea and conjunctiva is collagen. By consuming Collagen supplement, it can prevent eye disease.

3. Hair – Healthy hair lies in the basis of a healthy hair scalp with sufficient nutrition in the subcutaneous tissue. Epidermal appendages including hair and nails, when they are lacking of collagen, hair will become dry and having split ends.

4. Teeth – The ivory element which is acting as one of the main component in our teeth and 18% of it is built by collagen. Besides, Collagen is also acting as a supportive protein in our gums. Collagen supplement is effective in preventing gingivitis and other oral diseases.

5. Nail – As mentioned, collagen layer is acting as the nutritional supply role in nail. Lacking of collagen can cause dull and easily broken nail.

6. Internal organs – When human body is lacking of collagen, the function of internal body organs will be affected and even lead to various diseases. Collagen protein can help internal organs to have nutritional supplements to function and exercise and to prevent disease effectively.

7. Bone – In the organic matter of bone, it consists 70% to 80% of collagen.
In formation of bone, it must be adequate synthesis of collagen fibers to form the skeletal framework. Therefore, Collagen is known as ‘the bone’ in bone. Collagen loss or deficiency might cause diseases such as osteoporosis.
8. Tendon – Tendon is built by 80% of collagen. Lacking of collagen in tendons will lead to weaken muscles.

9. Joint – Joint is the cartilage between bone and bone. In cartilage, 50% of the composition of the material is collagen, human collagen loss as a result of some joint problem especially on sportsmen and elderly.

Uru Up Collagen Drink (Bottle/ Juice)

*sorry the wording was in Japanese.

Basically.. This bottle drinks is for those who are busy and always forgot to take their supplememts. we suggest them to drink this instead the powder form.

This Bottle Drinks comes in set of 6 (min). its good if you can consume 1 bottle a day. The taste is more likely peachy orangie sweet type :)

The benefit is the same as the powder form so no worries. It still maintain its standards.

Friday, 18 November 2011

LOTTE URU UP Collagen (Can/ Powder)


The TOP SELLER, LOTTE Collagen Powder in Asia country (Japan, Taiwan). This is a newly improved formula with added Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Placenta Extract, Lotus Embryo Extract & Pearl Barley.

Collagen : Smoothen the lines & wrinkles, strengthen skin cells, repair & maintain youthful skin
Vitamin C : Anti-oxidant, strengthen immune system, repairing, brightening & whitening effect
Hyaluronic Acid : Hydration, brightening, whitening & repairing dry & damaged skin cells
Placenta Extract : Rejuvenation internally & regenarate young skin cells
Lotus Embryo Bud Extract : Anti-ageing & stabilizing blood pressure
Pearl Barley : Brightening & soothing fatigue effects
*Dealer price are available. minimum purchase of (1carton)10cans*

Price : Rm 170/can (can last up to 1month)**
Recommended dosage: Please consume 1spoon (6.7g) or 2spoon (13.4 , max) of collagen powder everyday with an empty stomach early in the morning or before sleeping at night for best result.
-keep the product in room temperature
-do not consume if you are pregnant or nursing

**LOTTE Collagen Uru Up now is having promotion. now is only Rm150/can. If you buy more can get cheaper.